BP files motion for modification of payment directive at FERC

On September 8, BP filed a  motion for modification of the payment directive in FERC’s natural gas market manipulation proceeding against BP.  As you may recall, FERC ordered BP to disgorge its unjust profits in the amount of $207,169 to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) of the state of Texas for the benefit of its energy consumers.  In its request for rehearing, BP sought clarification of the disgorgement, requesting that it be permitted to post a bond (under protest) during the pendency of the review proceedings.  FERC has not yet acted on the clarification, and the payment of the disgorgement is due by September 9.  Thus, BP contacted the Texas Department of Housing, the state agency that administers the LIHEAP program for Texas.  BP was informed that the Texas Department of Housing is only permitted to disburse amounts approved by the Texas legislature and is not set up to receive amounts directed by FERC.  BP has been provided with a list of charities that reportedly administer LIHEAP in Texas.  BP’s motion requests that FERC modify the payment directive to specify the charities to which BP should pay the disgorgement amount, and grant such other relief as may be warranted.