Sidley Partner Ken Irvin and CFE’s Subdirector of Modernization Speak About International Energy Infrastructure Development

On Monday, November 14, 2016, Sidley Austin LLP Partner Ken Irvin discussed planning and coordinating international gas pipelines and infrastructure at this year’s annual Platts Mexican Energy Conference in Mexico City, Mexico. Ken was joined by Javier Gutierrez, Subdirector, Modernization and New Areas of Opportunity with Mexico’s state-owned electric utility Comisión Federal de Electricidad (“CFE”).

Ken and Javier discussed the strategies CFE used to subscribe to approximately 6 Bcf of new natural gas pipeline transportation capacity from Texas to the U.S.-Mexico border and beyond. The duo discussed several issues that they faced in negotiating the construction agreements and transportation agreements with some of the biggest names in the North American pipeline industry. Some of the topics discussed in-depth were force majeure provisions, CFE’s security interests in the pipelines as anchor shipper, and interconnection issues with upstream and downstream pipelines.

Over three hundred individuals and government officials attended the two-day conference. A copy of Ken and Javier’s presentation can be found here.