FERC Approves Permanent CAISO Tariff Revisions Related to Aliso Canyon Outage

On November 21, FERC approved CAISO’s proposal to keep in place a number of tariff revisions related to the limited operability of the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility. The filing makes permanent three CAISO tariff provisions that would otherwise have expired on November 30: (1) allowing scheduling coordinators to rebid commitment costs in CAISO’s real-time market if they were not committed in the day-ahead market or residual unit commitment process; (2) ensuring that CAISO’s short-term unit commitment process does not commit resources that did not submit bids into the real-time market unless they were scheduled or committed in the day-ahead market or had a real-time must-offer obligation; and (3) allowing scheduling coordinators to seek after-the-fact recovery of unrecovered commitment costs that exceed the commitment cost bid cap as a result of actual marginal fuel procurement costs, pursuant to a FPA section 205 filing at FERC. FERC found that CAISO’s proposed revisions are just and reasonable because they constitute appropriate improvements upon CAISO’s current tariff provisions that should result in a more efficient unit commitment process and enhance cost recovery.

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