California Air Resources Board Hosts Advanced Clean Cars Workshop

Earlier this month, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) hosted an Advanced Clean Cars (ACC) II Workshop to obtain public input on CARB’s development of ACC II regulations. The ACC II rules would be meant to contribute to meeting California’s carbon neutrality targets, advancing zero emissions vehicle (ZEV) technology, and reaching ozone targets under California’s State Implementation Plan. The workshop materials note that CARB views a need for deep reduction to light-duty vehicle emissions to address climate and air quality issues.

CARB’s projected mechanisms for reaching its goals include aggressive ZEV sales and combustion vehicle emissions reductions, noting that substantial electrification of the consumer fleet is required. The emissions reductions may include reductions in fleet average emissions of oxides of nitrogen, further particulate matter control, and optimizing emissions control for heavier vehicles. The materials also include a range of proposals from CARB staff to encourage the public to adopt ZEVs, such as by expanding ZEV infrastructure and adding minimum requirements for useful life and warranties of ZEVs, recognizing that consumers still do not prefer to buy ZEVs.

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