EPA Extends Deadline for Filing Under Chemical Data Reporting Rule to January 2021

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has extended the deadline for submissions due under the Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) Rule from November 30, 2020, to January 29, 2021. The CDR report covers chemical manufacturing and processing for the four calendar years of 2016 through 2019. We have covered the scope and application of the CDR rule here.

In its notice of the extension, EPA stated that the extension is intended to provide “additional time due to technical issues with the electronic reporting tool. EPA is resolving these issues and working with stakeholders to assist with reporting.” The delay also helps address concerns from the regulated community related to continued staffing reductions and the overall slowdown due to COVID-19. Among other effects, this will likely allow those preparing CDR filings to enjoy more of the coming holiday season.

Over recent weeks, EPA’s Chemical Data Exchange (CDX), which is used to upload CDR reports, has been operating slowly at times. This is potentially due, in part, to the number of users preparing CDR filings. Accordingly, businesses preparing CDR filings should anticipate potential continued CDX slowdowns and consider finalizing well in advance of the new January deadline to avoid last-minute technical issues.