Energy Trading

06 July 2017

Energy Enforcement Update

This week’s enforcement update covers:

  • CFTC enters into non-prosecution agreements with former Citigroup Global Markets Inc. traders in spoofing case;
  • CFTC orders $5.2 million in civil penalties for wash sales designed to generate exchange rebate fees;
  • FERC hosts technical conference on developments in natural gas index liquidity and transparency;
  • Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee releases new energy bill;
  • President Trump announces intent to nominate Richard Glick as FERC Commissioner;
  • FERC Enforcement and City Power file status report on settlement; and
  • Judge grants Kraft Foods motion to compel discovery from the CFTC.


31 March 2017

NAESB to Create a Mexican Addendum for Purchases and Sales of Natural Gas in Mexico

On Wednesday March 30, 2017, the North American Energy Standards Board (“NAESB”) Wholesale Gas Quadrant (“WGQ”) Contracts Subcommittee voted to move forward with the development of a Mexican Addendum to the NAESB Base Contract for the Purchase and Sale of Natural Gas.  Developing a Mexican Addendum should make Mexico a more desirable market for natural gas trading by providing greater certainty about the legal structure of gas trades.

As part of the 2017 NAESB WGQ Annual Plan, the WGQ Executive Committee proposed, and the Board approved, a proposal to review whether to develop a Mexican Addendum.  In December 2016, WGQ members voted not to pursue a Mexican Addendum.  However, that meeting was not well-attended and several parties who had advocated for creating a Mexican Addendum were not present.