EPA Formally Repeals Trump Administration Transparency in Science Rule

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA or the Agency) has formally repealed regulations establishing how the Agency would consider the availability of dose-response data (“Strengthening Transparency in Pivotal Science Underlying Significant Regulatory Actions and Influential Scientific Information,” 86 Fed. Reg. 469) (the Science Rule). The Science Rule, which was finalized and went into effect immediately on January 6, 2021, related specifically to studies describing the quantitative relationship between the dose or exposure of a pollutant, contaminant, or substance and its effect; the rule required, among other things, that EPA identify and give greater consideration to studies constituting “pivotal science” (defined as “the specific dose-response studies or analyses that drive the requirements or quantitative analyses of EPA significant regulatory actions or influential scientific information”) and make public all science that served as the basis for a significant regulatory action. (more…)

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Energy Enforcement Update

This week’s enforcement update covers:

  • Second Circuit reverses Rabobank LIBOR convictions over forced testimony;
  • Judge issues pretrial scheduling order in FERC case against Barclays;
  • Judge grants motions to dismiss Illinois ZEC lawsuit;
  • Ryan Smith files motion for judgment on the pleadings in Barclays case;
  • President Trump nominates Rostin Behnam to serve as CFTC Commissioner;
  • President Trump announces intent to nominate Kevin McIntyre as FERC Chairman;
  • FERC issues Notice of Alleged Violations against Rover Pipeline and Energy Transfer Partners;
  • CFTC files response to Kraft motion to compel; and
  • FERC issues Notice of Alleged Violations against American Transmission Company.


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