Date Location Event Speaking Engagement
January 10-11, 2019 Houston, TX Platts Gas Storage Outlook Conference Panel: Mexico’s Gas Storage Outlook
Sidley Participant: Ken Irvin (Panelist)
Date Location Event Speaking Engagement
November 9, 2018 Houston, TX Institute for Energy Law Energy Litigation 101 Conference Oil and Gas Agreements: The Building Blocks for Energy Litigators
Sidley Participant: Dave Asmus, Speaker
November 8-9, 2018 Houston, TX Platts 22nd Annual Mexican Energy Conference Panel: Electric Power Finance and Project Development in Mexico
Sidley Participant: Brian Bradshaw
October 25-26, 2018 New York, NY Nodal Trader Conference Panel: Market Manipulation: A New Era in FERC Enforcement? Lessons Learned from Recent Cases
Sidley Participant: Ken Irvin
October 11-12, 2018 Minneapolis, MN Renewable Energy in the Midwest Panel: A Detailed Look at Key FERC Regulatory Proceedings
Sidley Participant: Ken Irvin
October 9, 2018 Malaysia AIPN Asia Chapter Event “Current Issues in the LNG World” Sidley Participant: Dave Asmus
October 4-5, 2018 Dallas, TX Mergers & Acquisitions Institute – UT Law Panel: Peak, Trough or Somewhere in Between: Navigating the Uncertainties of an Ever Changing Energy Market
Sidley Participant: Cliff Vrielink
September 26-27, 2018 Washington, D.C. MLPA Annual Meeting Panel: Tax Reform Implementation – The Deep Dive
Sidley Participant: Angela Richards
September 25-28, 2018 Denver, CO AOPL Annual Business Conference Panel: Laws of Canada, U.S. and Mexico governing the regulation of crude oil and refined products pipelines (Bill Williams)
Panel: Market Based Rates (Lorrie Marcil)
Panel: FERC order dealing with the relationship between crude oil and products pipelines and their unregulated marketing affiliates (Lorrie Marcil)
Sidley Participants: Bill Williams / Lorrie Marcil
September 11-14, 2018 Houston, TX AIPN Model Contracts Workshop Panel: Unitization and Unit Operating Agreement (UUOA) – Finalized Version
Sidley Participant: Dave Asmus
September 5-7, 2018 Austin, TX Texas Renewables Summit Panel: The State of Renewable Merchant Power Development and Financing in the Texas Market
Sidley Participant: Averill Conn (Moderator)
Panel: Perspectives on ERCOT Market Reform
Sidley Participant: Terence Healey (Moderator)
June 21-22, 2018 Washington, D.C. American Law Institute CLE Program Environmental Litigation 2018 Sidley Participant: Justin Savage
June 21-22, 2018 Washington, D.C. American Law Institute CLE Program Environmental Litigation 2018 Sidley Participant: Justin Savage
June 7-8, 2018 Seattle, WA Combating Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest Panel: Grid Reliability and Resilience Pricing: FERC’s Rulemaking and how the markets are responding
Sidley Participant: Ken Irvin
May 22-24, 2018 Orlando, FL MLP Investor Conference Sidley Participants: Angela Richards / Emily Mallen
May 17, 2018 Houston, TX IEL Energy M&A Conference Panel: Buy Now, Pay Later – The Latest on Earn-Outs, Deferred Payments and the Use of Non-Cash Consideration in Deals
Sidley Participant: Tim Chandler
May 9, 2018 Mexico City, MX Latin Lawyer 9th Annual Oil & Gas Conference Panel: What’s next for Mexico’s midstream and downstream?
Sidley Participant: Brian Bradshaw
May 8, 2018 Mexico City, MX Sidley/Gonzalez Calvillo Seminar: Private Equity Investments in Energy and Infrastructure Projects in Mexico Sidley Participant: Brian Bradshaw
May 3, 2018 Houston, TX Webinar: Pipeline Litigation Outlook Sidley Participants: Jim Wedeking / Heather Palmer / Emily Mallen
April 12, 2018 Houston, TX Society of Petroleum Engineers-Gulf Coast Section Permian Basin Symposium Panel: Permian Scramble: Private Equity in Permian
Sidley Participant: Jim Rice
April 9-11, 2018 Las Vegas, NV Platts Global Power Conference Panel: Generation Investment in Emerging Power Markets–Africa, Latin America, and Mexico
Sidley Participant: Brian Bradshaw
March 26, 2018 New York, NY Platts Digital Commodities Summit Panel:  How Will Commodity Exchanges Work in a Blockchain Environment?
Sidley Participant: Geoffrey Aronow
March 7-9, 2018 Whistler, BC WSPP Spring Meeting Panel: Tax Reform Impacts on the Energy Industry
Sidley Participants: Angela Richards / Zachary Pullin
March 5, 2018 Mexico City, MX Mexico Chapter of the Women’s Energy Network Sidley Participant: Ellen Pesch
February 19, 2018 Houston, TX Webinar: Practising Law Institute (PLI) Panel: Navigating the New Era of FERC Enforcement
Sidley Participant: Ken Irvin
February 15-16, 2018 Houston, TX IEL Annual Oil & Gas Conference Sidley Participants: Cliff Vrielink / Dave Asmus
February 12-13, 2018 Houston, TX Platts LNG Conference Sidley Participant: Dave Asmus
January 29 – 30, 2018 Washington, D.C. EUCI – Financial Transmission and Auction Revenue Rights Panel: FERC, CFTC and Private Enforcement Update
Sidley Participant: Terence Healey
January 22-23, 2018 Seattle, WA Buying & Selling Electric Power in the West Conference Panel: DOE’s Policy Initiative to Return to Rate Base Style Cost Recovery for Coal and Nuclear Baseload Generation
Sidley Participant: Stan Berman
January 19, 2018 Philadelphia, PA Wharton Energy Conference – PE Panel Panel: Oil and Gas Private Equity
Sidley Participant: Cliff Vrielink
January 10-11, 2018 Houston, TX EPC Contract Management Forum Panel: Warranties: Is What You See What You Get?
Sidley Participant: Dave Asmus
Date Location Event Speaking Engagements
November 15-16, 2017 Houston, TX Platts Pipeline Development & Expansion Conference Panel: Mexico—Is There a Wall Where Once Was Opportunity for US Investors?
Sidley Participant: Glenn Pinkerton
November 12-14, 2017 Mexico City, MX Platts Mexican Energy Conference Panel: Gas and Power Transactions—Making it Easier to
Enter into Bilateral Deals to Supply Energy for Mexico
Sidley Participant: Ken Irvin
October 26-27, 2017 New York, NY Platts Nodal Trader Conference Panel: A New Administration at FERC – What Will Their Views Be on Market Manipulation and Compliance?
Sidley Participant: Ken Irvin
May 8-19, 2017 Houston, TX Argus Natural Gas Conference Panel: Supplying Mexico’s Market
Sidley Participant: Ken Irvin
April 26-28, 2017 Houston, TX Women’s Energy Network National Conference Panel: M&A: Repositioning for the Future
Sidley Participant: Jim Rice
April 24-26, 2017 Las Vegas, NV Platts Global Power Conference, Reception & Car Racing Event Panel: A Clean Energy Future—Decarbonization, Decentralization, Digitalization
Sidley Participant: Glenn Pinkerton
April 19-21, 2017 Cedar Creek, TX WSPP Spring Meeting Panel: Session One: Enforcement in the Energy Industry
Sidley Participant: Ken Irvin
January 23-24, 2017 Seattle, WA Buying & Selling Electric Power in the West Conference Panel: Jurisdiction: New Electric Markets and the State/Federal Divide
Sidley Participant: Ken Irvin